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Welcome to 8th Jubilee Coaching

Vision of 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC

To inspire and uplift millennial women on their journey to self-discovery, rebuilding their confidence, and rejuvenating their lives.

Mission Vision of 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC

To empower the confidence in you and break through the barriers holding you back.


 As a Life Coach, I have walked my path to success, spent my life still conquering success, have achieved success with others, and yours is no different. It is my desire to keep advocating for as many thriving millennial women; bringing clarity, focus and purpose to their lives and goals, transformations that allow them to rediscover themselves, rebuild confidence, and rejuvenate their lives. 

Here at 8th Jubilee Coaching I assist you in finding direction and propel you to achieving and reach the optimal level of a successful life and inner peace.

You know it is possible yet, you wonder in your world for a direction to life and struggling to find that self-confidence to get you to a level of success? So, you are looking to chance your life for better; yes, you deserve to be successful, and I am here to help you. Together, we will make a success plan to help you get focused, get in action and eventually get that successful lifestyle you desired.

Get started today with a complimentary clarity session. Click here to schedule your session now!

 -Coach Tandee