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Welcome to 8th Jubilee Coaching

Hello!! I am Tandee A. Salter, The Confidence Engineer. I am a certified life and business success coach helping millennial women get clear, get unstuck, and build confidence to achieve goals in life and business.  This is done through a combination of applying what I have learned from my own experience as well as through my education.

8th Jubilee Coaching was started in celebration of new beginnings and taking the time to celebrate them. It was my first step into the world of entrepreneurship, a journey I am loving more and more every single day.

At the beginning of this year I made a commitment to taking life and business to the next level.  I have invested time, money, and energy into my growth both personally and professionally. In my investing I have learned many things and my passions for serving millennial women have grown even stronger. I have had some fantastic opportunities and experienced much revelation.

One of the revelations I have experienced is the need to make a shift. A shift that will better fit my passions as well as my purpose. No, I am not disappearing. What I am doing is making a transition from 8th Jubilee Coaching over to my new home This is the place where you will be able to catch the latest news from me, find a magnificent blog filled with information you need, and be able to sign up for my upcoming programs.

While the business name has changed and offerings have been expanded, nothing else will change. You will still receive high quality training, products, and services that  meet your needs. So come on over and join the party today.